Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I'm taking a much needed couple days off, but I will be back to blog again on Monday.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Did you catch the hint yesterday?

Yesterday I said that 101 Lorilane Dr was the cheapest detached home in Carrboro. So if you've been following the blog, you might ask yourself-what happened to 201 Alabama?

Well folks, I sold it. Actually, I helped a client get it under contract. So, to re-iterate- 101 Lorilane Dr. is the least expensive detached home in Carrboro. Don't say I didn't tell you...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

101 Lorilane Dr.

What will $184,500 get you in Chapel Hill or Carrboro?

101 Lorilane Dr. in Tennis Club Estates. This detached home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1314 sq/ft and $69/month in HOA fees. (remember in Tennis Club Estates the HOA pays for outside maintenance of your yard (.05 acre)

That's $140 sq/ft, for you number crunchers. So is it a good deal? Well your other options for a detached home under $200K are well, NONE. This is it- the least expensive detached home for sale in Carrboro.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

You missed it...again

That right, 205 Robert Hunt Dr. is under contract AGAIN! I told you it was a good buy...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Almost Carrboro...

If you are familiar with Carrboro, then you know Estes Extension. And if you know Estes Extension, you know that once you pass over the train tracks (coming from downtown Carrboro) on your right hand side there is a great community of townhomes called Village West.

122 Ridge Trail is the latest townhome on the market. It is 1300 sq/ft, 2 levels with 2 bedrooms (and according to the listing) 1 full bath and two half baths.

I have been in a number of these units and I have never seen one with 1 full and two half baths, so perhaps it is a mis-type or perhaps it is a floor plan which I am not familiar with. Either way, at $145,000($111.00 sg/ft)it seems a bit agreesively priced. The last 2bed units, with about the same amount of square feet sold for $130,000 7/04 and a 1500 sq/ft unit sold for $146,500 this month.

Monday, March 21, 2005

105 Rainbow St.

My last blog I talked about houses under $300,000. If you can spend more than that amount and you are looking for a brick ranch in Carrboro-105 Rainbow St. could be worth taking a in-depth look at.

Here are the basics: $317,000, 2450 sq/ft ($130 sq/ft), built in 1972, 4beds/3baths, .75 acre lot.

What else can you get for under $325,000 in Carrboro? Remember those two houses from yesterdays blog--well that's it. If you add in the house on Alabama Ave, that makes 3 detached homes. Also, please note, there is a very similar split level on Quail Roost $344,000, 2250 sq/ft, 3 bed/2bath on .82 acres. (If you missed that blog I talked about how over-priced this is.)

The pickings for detached homes is slim right now. But as spring comes around, there are definately more listings to choose from. If a brich ranch isn't your style-just give it a little time. I'm sure something will become available...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

100 Lilac Drive

A new detached home in Carrboro under 300K! (Isn't it sad that this is becoming more and more rare?)

100 Lilac Drive is in Winwood-a community off of Poplar St. As a brick ranch, my guess is that it is your standard 3bed/2bath. With 1757 sq/ft, listed at $236,000 ($134 a sq/ft) 100 Lilac Dr seems like a pretty good deal.

What else can you get for about $250,000? Well the next closest (in price) detached house- that is not under contract -would be the home in QuaterPath Trace, $280,000, 2343 sq/ft, 4beds/2.5baths ($119 sq/ft). There are some homes already under contract that are in the $142-154 a sq/ft range. Otherwise at the mid $200k range all you can get right now is townhomes and condos.