Saturday, February 26, 2005

110 Barbee

New condo on the market, 110 Barbee in Whispering Hills.

The location is excellent, walking distance to Weaver Street Market or bike to campus. However the unit itself, feels a bit cliched. Offered at $114,900 it is two levels, 2bed/1.5baths (half bath downstairs.)

This unit isn't going to win any design awards, but it is a reasonable option for someone who's main concern is a great location in Carrboro.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Brighton Square

As of today, there are six different Brighton Square Condos, ranging in price from $86,000 to $115,000.

Four of the units are one level (either 1st or 2nd floor) units with 2bed/1bath floorplan (approx 850 sq/ft). It's not a bad floor plan, but it's not the most original I've seen either. One nice feature is that on the 2nd floor units the master bedroom has a small balcony. Please note however this group contains highest price unit. This is because one unit is in a completely renovated building. (a fire damaged the building a couple of years ago). $115,000 is a bit high compared to $98,000, but of course at $115,000 everything is brand new.

The two remaining units are priced at $86,000 and $108,500. Both of these units are less than 650 sq/ft with 1bed/1bath. Unlike the other units these are one level end units. They are small, but may be interesting to the buyer who wants a small condo that doesn't have somebody living either directly above or below.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

inside Calumet Ct. Posted by Hello

inside Pathway Dr. Posted by Hello

Calumet Ct. Posted by Hello

2000 Pathway Dr. Posted by Hello

220 Knolls St. (under 100K) Posted by Hello

Calumet Ct. and Pathway Dr.

Looking for a home under $200,000. Here are two choices:

105 Calumet Court- $234,900, 1523 sq/ft ($154 sq/ft), 3bed/2 bath.
2000 Pathway Drive- $236,000, 1874 sq/ft ($125 sq/ft), 3bed/2.5 bath.

So how do these compare? Calumet Court was built in 1977 and Pathway Drive was built in 1990. From the pictures you can see each house reflects these dates.

So why isn't Pathway Drive the obvious choice? Calumet Court is on a much bigger lot, where as Pathway Dr. sits on .17 acre. Also, Webbwood is a lot closer of a walk to Weaver St. Market vs. Pathway Dr. (Also note, Pathway is a short walk to McDougle Elementary and Middle school.) There are no HOA dues for Calumet Court and the home is full of skylights.

There is no better home. As I tell my clients, the goal here is not to sell you a home, but to find the home which best fits your needs. If this your price range, the real value is in which home is the best match for your family.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Last 100K House

There is only one home under $100,000 in Carrboro-220 Knolls St. Listed at $99,900, it is 952 sq/ft, with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. It is also sitting on an .25 acre lot. (about $105 a sq/ft)

This is not a bad deal for someone looking for either a small starter home or for a small house as investment property. Although, be warned the buyer will need to invest money into updating the kitchen and bathroom.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

205 Robert Hunt Dr. Posted by Hello

Outside of 201 Alabama Posted by Hello

Inside of 201 Alabama Posted by Hello

121 WeatherHillPoint Posted by Hello

215 Robert Hunt Dr. Posted by Hello

Picture Day!

Every so often I will go through and show you pictures of the different homes I have told you about. Today is one of those days...

Monday, February 21, 2005

What is a "Non-Profit Owned" Real Estate Brokerage?

There aren't any new listings today, so I thought I might tell you a bit about Community Realty.

Community Realty is the nation's first non-profit owned real estate brokerage. What that means is that no one person owns Community Realty. There is no "boss" who sits back and gets rich from all of the profits we generate. Instead, Community Realty donates is profits to the local affordable housing non-profit, EmPOWERment, Inc., who owns us.

Last year, we gave away more than $25,000. This year our goal is to double that number.

As a REALTOR, I get paid the same as any other REALTOR-but with Community Realty, I get the benefit of knowing that I am not just helping people find homes. I am able to help people help their community. That may sound corny, but it really does make the difference at the end of the day.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Alabama Ave and WeatherHill Point

I want to blog about two different homes today. 201 Alabama Ave and 121 WeatherHill Point.

201 Alabama Ave popped up on the MLS this afternoon. For those who do not know, Alabama Ave is the last right you can make off of Jones Ferry Rd (from downtown Carrboro) before the ramp onto 54 west. It is a very small home (900 sq ft) 2bed/ 1bath/and an office, listed at $139,000. I immediately called to go preview this home, but home was not ready to be shown. Still, if this house is in good condition, this could be a very rare opportunity for someone to own a detached home under 150K in Carrboro.

121 WeatherHill Point is a home that has been on the market for more than 130 days. Listed at $189,900 it has 3bed/2bath, first floor master, great floor plan (mudroom and cathedral ceilings, and a nice neighborhood (very close to the Chapel Hill Tennis Club for you tennis lovin' people). So why has it been on the market so long?

Perhaps it is just one of those poor homes that got a bad reputation because it didn't sell right away, or maybe it was priced too high when it first came on the MLS. But my guess is the fact the Residential Property Disclosure Statement says it may or may not be in a Flood Plain. 'Flood Plain' can be scary words to a prospective buyer. They are not always bad as there are a number of homes in downtown Carrboro that are in a flood plain. If you are reading this and don't understand the basics behind a flood plain, then call me ASAP. It is something you should be know about.